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You Own a Tea Shop

Like all artisans, you pride yourself on your craftsmanship and strive to be the most prestigious tea shop in the neighborhood. Source ingredients, blend them into a wide variety of teas, and sell your teas for instant profit or display them in your window for prestige.

Hand crafted tea is a tight market and you won’t be able to get by completely on your own. You’ll need to ask for favors to fill the most demanding orders and secure the most prestige. 

 The proprietor with the most Prestige at the end of the game is the winner!

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While you Wait for Prosperitea...

Cantankerous Cats is available NOW from our official website for $20 USD plus shipping. 

While you wait for news about Prosperitea, please take some time to support us by looking at our inaugural game of ferocious feline fun!

In Cantankerous Cats, “You Are a Cat.”
You live in a House. You share this House with a pet Hoomin. Your mission is to smother this Hoomin with Affection, then cause as much Mischief as you can without being thrown out of your House. The first Cat to score NINE Mischief points is the winner!

Cantankerous Cats uses a scaleable rule set with “Kitten” rules for families, “Basic” rules for casual play, and “Advanced” rules for serious and competitive play.

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